Werfstraat 6D/6G

Welcome to our Headquaters! Our StadsHerstel office is proudly housed in this monument at what is known as the "Kop van Scharloo", meaning the "head of Scharloo". We are housed on the first floor. In the past years we have seen and contributed to the transformation of Scharloo Abou into a new island hotspot! 

As many of the rebuilds and renovations that we manage, we try to look at ways how to future proof our properties. One way to do that is to reconstruct the interior to be able to house a bigger organization or to be able to offer the space to more than one company. That's also the case in this building. We share this building with another organization, Forensic Services, they rent the ground floor.

Werfstraat 6 unlocks Scharloo from the quay and from the office we have a nice view on the Juliana Bridge on one side and ultra modern cruise ships in the harbor of St. Annabay on the other side. It is a spacious office building with about 280m2 floor space divided over 3 floors and an adjacent wing. A combination of tenants is possible because separate accessibility can be arranged. The attic is well suited as archive or storage room.

If you are seriously interested in this specific monument? Do let us know! We might offer you other options in our portfolio, but, if price & terms are right, we might also consider moving our HQ to one of our other properties.


• Built 1947
• M2
• 1st floor
• 2nd floor
• Attic
• Toilets, kitchen
• Air-conditioning
• Entrance: 2 front, 2 back
• parking on adjacent parking lot