Active since 1991

We strongly belief in the power and value of the historic center of Curaçao. Since 1991 Stadsherstel Willemstad acquires, restores and rents out buildings with a historical character in Willemstad. Reviving, rebuilding & improving the inherited function as city center is our mission.

Office Facilities

Stadsherstel Willemstad contributes to more office facilities in historic Willemstad. Part of our renovated buildings have been assigned as commercial spaces. We work to make the city center more attractive for business and entrepreneurs. Enjoy working in Willemstad!

Housing Facilities

Stadsherstel Willemstad strives to enhance the housing facilities in historic Willemstad. Part of the renovated buildings are hence assigned as residential homes. We aim to contribute making our city center more attractive for living & leisure. Experience living in Willemstad!


Unesco: “The Committee decided to inscribe this site on the basis of cultural criteria, considering that the Historic Area of Willemstad is a European colonial ensemble in the Caribbean of outstanding value and integrity”. Read more. Proud to contribute to Willemstad Heritage City!