In the Bitterstaat squeezed between the Stadsherstel HQ and the Miami Building you will find this beautiful structure. It's in the centre of hip & happening Scharloo Abou. Eateries, a museum, a lot of street art and of course an overdose of amazing monuments.. it's all here!

The building is rented out to different entrepreneurs, though if you are looking for a shared office or co-working space you can inform at Workspot! They usually have desks available for part-time or full-time entrepreneurs, special packages for digital nomads are also offered.

On the ground floor the restaurant Beyglz serves up healthy bagels and great coffee. The other units on the ground floor are rented by small to medium business or foundations that were looking for a more private office space.

Besides Beyglz, there are a few more eateries around the corner. Scharloo Abou is right across from Punda and is connected through 3 small bridges. Cross the water and you are walking distance to banks, the post office and plenty of shops and restaurants.

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• Various
• Function: commercial
• Floors 2 & attic
• Large patio on 1st floor
• Large shared square

Floor plans

For privacy reasons
not available
while rented out.