Bitterstraat 1

Bitterstraat 1 is a building that doesn't go unnoticed! When entering Scharloo Abou this corner building really pops out, because of its characteristic form and the mural art on it! With this corner stone art piece, visitors are invited to discover more within the Art & History District of Curacao.

This building is not an official monument and therefor Street Art Skalo was given the permission to include it into their project and use it as a canvas.  People from all over the island flock here to take pictures with this and the other art pieces.

The building is an eccentric one, with it's castle like turret. The upper floor has a residential function, with 5 large bedrooms, large dining room and separate living room. It has a small front balcony and a large private terrace on the first floor. Both floors are now rented to the artist who made the art piece. Ground floor is now being turned into the gallery of artist Francis Sling!

In 2016 Street Art Skalo started with curating local artists to make street art in the district. A group of creatives working in Workspot, a co-working space housed in another property of ours in Skalo, believed to be able to positively transform a neighborhood by bringing art to the street. Another positive impact was the other alternative method they came up with to help the district grow further: the Scharloo Abou Digital Platform. You can read about both initiatives on the website.

Before the above initiatives Stadsherstel together with Monumentenzorg also contributed with major improvements in the district. There was also an extensive infrastructure project carried out around that time, which made the area a lot more accessible. Most of the monuments, buildings, homes and public park in Scharloo Abou and Fleur de Marie fall under the ownership and management of these two organizations. Other properties in the neighborhood are privately owned; some thriving, some deteriorating.

All these and more community initiatives together contributed to what Scharloo Abou is becoming today! A new hotspot, one with a real local feel! Visit to experience it for yourself!

Want to be part of it? We have several objects for rent which offer a lot of opportunities to those who have an eye for it! Have a look at the spaces for rent here. 


• Built in
• Function: combination
• Ground floor: commercial
• First floor: residential
• Front & side entrance
• Parking across the street