Bargestraat 57

Bargestraat can be seen as the "little sister" of Bargestraat 53-55. Through its similarity in details, you can see that it has been built around the same time and by the same architect. This one has a little more modest build, as where the "sister" building next door, is a bit more over the top with its lavish pillars on the front terrace.

Both were in a state of disaster and a big renovation project was needed to bring both buildings back to life. And with success! We are proud to have contributed to the list of "saved monuments" with, among others, these two spectacular monuments.

As you enter the presentable reception area you will see a large corridor stretching toward the back of the building. Multiple single and shared office spaces are placed along this corridor and this offers space for at least 15 employees. Further in the back, you will find an archive room and a server space. Behind the main building there is an enclosed courtyard, as well as a separate cafeteria area and restrooms.

As true sisters stay connected the backyard of this building is connected to the backyard of the office building next door.

Are you also looking for an office space with history and character? We have quite a few of those in our portfolio, check with us which ones are available that suit your housing needs!


• Built between 1891-1907
• Restored: 2008
• Lot m2: 1090 m2
• Building m2: 341 m2
• Parking: on premises
• Function: commercial
• Status: for rent